How I Got a Literary Agent + Book Deal with a Publishing House


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In this episode, you'll learn:

The whole A to Z process of getting a publishing deal with a traditional publishing house.

How to get a literary agent (even if you don’t have a big following).

How to query literary agents and what you should write in your pitch.

What goes into a non-fiction book proposal and how to write one! (I give you the scoop on my 53-pages of awesomeness).

How I got a top literary agent (and one of the top 5 dealmakers in my niche).

What I did when I got two offers from agents, how I interviewed them and did my due diligence on each of them in order to make my choice. (+ The sign from the universe that I asked for and received!)

How my agent LITERALLY sold my book in 1 month — which is kind of unheard of, but Maryann is an incredible agent and she did say my book was really special. * swoon! *

What a literary agent does and how they help you.

How much money you can make from a book.

My advice if you want to get a book deal with a small following + what else you can leverage instead.

What it was like to get interviewed by an editor at a publishing house.

The difference between self-publishing and traditional and 3 reasons why I was super keen on doing it the traditional way (which actually might surprise you!)

Resources mentioned:

Free Quiz: What’s Your Zone of Genius?

Your Conscious Empire

Publisher’s Marketplace

Jen Sincero’s Book Proposal Course: How to Write and Sell Your Non-Fiction Book Proposal

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