How I Invested $12,000 in Coaching + Earned It Back in 3 Weeks


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In this episode, you'll learn:

About my first major financial quantum leap: manifesting $12,000 in 3 weeks and then $25,000 after that in 11 days. Two major moments in my business-building journey that made me feel like “Woah, I can do this. I can run a successful business.”

How to lean into an abundance mindset of “how can I find the funds and get creative?” Versus: “how much will this set me back and what do I have to give up?” I share the difference between those two.

That in the past, I had such a deep lack mindset, but this $12,000 investment helped me gear into the abundance mindset more permanently.

That sometimes the faith and serious action taking comes AFTER you put the money down. If I had waited to earn $12,000 FIRST before I paid for them, I don’t know if I could have done it so quickly in 3 weeks. Instead, by putting the money down FIRST, I was serious about earning my investment back ASAP.

How to ask for your quantum leap. That was was my highest earning year of all time, I did 6-figures, and I was aiming for my first million-dollar year. (I didn’t hit the million, but I sure as hell laid the groundwork for it!) In this episode, you’ll learn how to ASK for your leap so that you GET IT.

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