How Kerri Jackson Built a Money Coaching Business Based on Her Genius


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If you’ve ever wanted to start a digital business based on a transformation that you’ve been on in your own life, Kerri’s episode is for YOU! As a money and financial coach, Kerri became a self-made millionaire before her 40th birthday and now she’s on a mission to help others create that same financial freedom. We talk about how she found her genius and turned it into a digital business where she now works with 1:1 clients. (If you’re curious about finding your own genius, Kerri drops some serious clues about how she found hers). Kerri is one of my Your Conscious Empire success stories (and one of the peeps who I’m sharing in my upcoming book P.S. You’re A Genius!) In addition, she openly shares how she thought she needed more schooling before she could coach someone about money. But, leaning into her genius, being proud of her own incredible transformation to self-made-millionaire-status, and relying on her previous work in the accounting and finance world made her feel ready. (If you also worry that you need more time, experience, or certification, you’ll totally resonate with this — I know I sure felt not ready before I started too). If you’re on the verge of starting your dream business, this episode is one you DEFINITELY want to listen to! It’s encouraging, down-to-earth, and Kerri brings all the #realtalk. We chat about self-comparison, overcoming doubts, and going for it anyway.

About Kerri:

From a young age, numbers were just her thing. An aptitude for math led Kerri into a 15+-year career as a Canadian Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CA). Kerri started her finance career at a mid-sized accounting firm in Toronto, Canada. Ditching the cold winters, she then moved to Bermuda, where she worked at KPMG for 5 years in the Alternative Investments audit team. Her next stop was London, England where she was the controller and risk manager for a secured-debt financing investment fund at a multi-billion dollar hedge fund manager. Kerri knew early on in my life that she wanted financial independence and the freedom to choose how she lived her life. Early in her career, she created a solid strategy for her money, focused on saving, investing, and building wealth. She saved bonuses and pay raises until she accumulated over a million dollars in her portfolio. After achieving her version of financial freedom and independence, she quit her job and is now pursuing a life with the freedom to choose how she wants to live it. The freedom of choice is her big WHY. Her mission is to help more people do the same - create financial freedom, ease, and choice in their life.

In this episode, you'll learn:

How Kerri got into helping people feel confident and in control of their finances through helping them manage money, build wealth, and create financial freedom.

How she recognized that coaching and teaching others about money was her true genius. (Not health coaching like she initially thought!)

How she was able to get comfortable owning her transformation — becoming a self-made millionaire. And, how she now helps others create financial freedom too.

About Kerri’s gift for making money feel grounded, fun, easy, and stress-free.

How she built a business that’s a very clear reflection of who she really is and how she stepped into that + owned it.

How Kerri crafted extremely clear coaching packages and website copy. (+ How she decided who she wanted to serve and what she wanted to accomplish with clients).

Plus, a few fun tips about how to become a self-made millionare!

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