How Zakiya Lalani Built a Business as a Reiki Healer, Psychic Intuitive + Spiritual Coach


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About Zakiya:

Zakiya is a healer and intuitive from North Vancouver, British Columbia. From an early age, she could feel how deeply sensitive she was and how strongly she felt called to help others - this led her to become a registered nurse in 2013. As someone who is very passionate about health and well-being, this seemed like the perfect fit for Zakiya... the universe, however, had different plans. In 2015, Zakiya was in a car accident that changed the trajectory of her life forever. Though the accident, fortunately, wasn't life-threatening, it did require her to take a step back from nursing, and a long, hard look at the way she was living her life. During this time, Zakiya had what can only be described as a spiritual awakening - she hit rock bottom, had to rebuild in a lot of different ways, and decided to live life in a way that made her feel good. This ultimately led Zakiya to do her Reiki training, and embrace the natural intuitive abilities that she had dismissed for most of her life. 2020 was a year of massive growth, release, and transformation for Zakiya - she decided to invest in herself and listen to what her heart was asking for, instead of doing what the world expected of her. Zakiya now works with clients to support their physical, emotional, and energetic well-being, through a combination of Reiki healing, intuitive coaching, spiritual guidance, and her knowledge of the human body and all its beautiful complexities. Her greatest desire is to help women reconnect with their authentic selves, and empower them to live intuitively from a place of alignment, ease, and self-love.

In this episode, you'll learn:

How Zakiya got into running a business as a healer and an intuitive doing reiki healings, psychic intuitive readings, and focusing on mind, body, and soul nourishment.

How she recognized that this was her genius and the clues to figuring it out.

How she made the pivot to reiki and intuitive readings from previously running her food blog.

How Zakiya got comfortable owning her intuitive abilities. And, to a point where she could confidently share them and craft a business around them.

In one of Zakiya’s Instagram posts, she shares this, and we deep dive into how she came back home to herself: "I didn't always feel as aligned and at peace as I do now. I went through many years of feeling lost, trying to be someone I wasn't, and going through the motions of life. I felt like I didn't really have a path or purpose."

How she made the shift from following a traditional path to living a more soul-aligned life.

How Zakiya shows up online 100% authentically as her self and her advice on how you can do it too. (Because when you look at her Instagram profile, you really can see HER and her soul essence!)

Resources Mentioned:

Your Conscious Empire

Chloe Elgar

Bree Melanson

Gabby Bernstein

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