Rhea Whitney on How to Book + Prepare for Your First Branding Photoshoot


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About Rhea:

Rhea Whitney is a wedding photographer, coach, and educator that teaches rising pro photographers how to run a profitable photography business. In less than 8+ years Rhea has taken her business to 6 figures consistently by dominating her market, building a consistent brand presence, and strategic marketing.
Rhea’s photography work has been featured in many national publications such as BRIDE, The Knot, and Munaluchi Bridal. Rhea has become one of the most sought out photographers in her industry and has a passion for teaching other photographers how to build a highly visible brand too.
She does this through 1:1 coaching and her digital courses within her education platform, PhotoBomb Academy™, where she’s helped over 50 rising pro photographers build a solid photography business that generates consistent revenue.
In her free time, Rhea loves to work out, hang with her girlfriends, go fishing, or be by the water, or do a little shopping at Nordstrom. Lastly, she is a proud graduate of Howard University majoring in Business Finance & Accounting.

In this episode, you'll learn:

How to book a photographer and find one in your area.

What types of photos you should request.

What colors and clothing look best in branding photoshoots and how to pick the two looks you should take with you.

Why good photography can increase trust and credibility for your customers (and why it can enable you to command a higher price point for your offerings!)

Advice for the soon-to-be business owner (or the current one) on why professional photography is a good investment of your money.

How much a session will likely cost.

How to give direction to your photographer and bring a mood board.

Why photo are so much fun and you don’t have to feel nervous for your first session! (Rhea shares many great tips if you are camera shy).

Resources Mentioned:

Free Quiz: What’s Your Zone of Genius?

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Instagram: @rheawhitney


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