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In this video you'll discover how to stop hunger while fasting. If you experience hunger while fasting, you'll learn several tips which will hack hunger while fasting.

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// T I M E S T A M P S

00:00 Introduction

00:55 The first tip: Eat more healthy fats and protein during your eating window. Get fat adapted to build your fasting muscle. When you are producing ketones it will help tremendously as you are coping with hunger while fasting.

01:25 Why you get cravings during a fast

02:05 The second tip: Have the right intentions going into the fast

03:20 The third tip: Increase electrolytes and minerals

04:10 The fourth tip: Hydrogen water

05:40 The fifth tip: Hunger comes in waves. The hunger hormone ghrelin spikes and drops. How to deal with hunger while fasting is this understanding that all hormones will pulsate and drop. Keep yourself busy here.

06:53 Bonus tip 1 Measure glucose and ketones during your fast

09:33 Bonus tip 2 Break your fast the right way

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