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Discover 10 scientifically proven ways to boost your metabolism to lose weight fast. This episode reveals the best diet for weight loss, how coffee and caffeine help assist in burning more calories, the best fats to eat for fat loss, and more!

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00:55​ The first way is with broccoli sprouts. Broccoli sprouts has many benefits, and one of them is with weight loss.


After 10 weeks of daily broccoli sprout consumption, weight and BMI were not altered, but body fat mass significantly decreased

Limitations: no randomized control group so causality can’t be inferred, but there were also significant reductions in inflammatory markers (IL-6, CRP) [obesity characterized by chronic low-grade inflammation]

500mg daily


02:20​ Turmeric helps you lose weight!

Obesity contributes to chronic low-grade inflammation.

Curcumin may suppress inflammation by directly interacting with white adipose tissue. Curcumin may also increase antioxidant activity and decrease adipocyte differentiation.​

Curcumin Attenuates Adipogenesis by Inducing Preadipocyte Apoptosis and Inhibiting Adipocyte Differentiation​

The effects of curcumin supplementation on body mass index, body weight, and waist circumference

70 - 2,400mg daily


03:41​ Coffee/tea (caffeine) helps you lose weight fast.

Caffeine may reduce appetite and increase basal metabolic rate. Caffeine intake may modestly reduce body fat

Caffeine intake throughout the day led to a 5% increase in 24-hour energy expenditure

Participants drinking coffee versus placebo experienced greater loss of fat mass

Recommended dose is around 100mg per day

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04:51​ Spicy foods have a component in it called capsaicin which can speed up your metabolism.​

Consumption of foods containing capsaicin associated with lower prevalence of obesity. Capsaicin may help sustain fat oxidation, increase resting energy expenditure,.

Chilli pepper may increase energy expenditure by triggering BAT (brown adipose tissue) activity [similar to cold thermogenesis]

Recommended dose 1,500mg per day


05:55​ Astaxanthin has many health benefits including weight loss.

The strong antioxidant properties of astaxanthin may play a role in reducing oxidative-stress (being overweight or obese may increase oxidative stress).

Biomarkers of oxidative stress decreased after supplementation with astaxanthin.

Dosage: 8mg per day


06:59​ The best fats for weight loss are walnuts, hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, avocado oil, eggs.​

High omega-3 fatty acid intake contributes to homeostasis and weight loss versus high omega-6 fatty acid intake which increases leptin & insulin resistance.

08:46​ The best diet for weight loss is the keto diet.​


09:57​ Exercise in the morning helps with weight loss.​


10:51​ Fasting for serious weight loss.​

12:53​ Fasted exercise​​​

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