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Follow this routine 5 times per week so you can target belly fat, and spot reduce love handles. Yes, you can spot reduce, and this video shows you the science behind it.

Tip number 1 consume green tea on an empty stomach. Green tea contains catechins, and research shows green tea can help you lose weight especially around stomach fat and love handles.


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Tip number 2 excise on empty stomach start with core. It's true, hiit workout for fat loss is a powerful tool to get rid of love handles. The reason we start the workout with core is to deliver blood flow to your stomach fat, belly fat and love handles; follow this with a hiit workout and you'll get more fat loss in your stomach area. These are the best workouts to lose belly fat. Workout on an empty stomach, and begin the workout with 10 minute of core (abdominal work). Tabata planks, butterfly sit ups, hollow body rocks. Then burst training focusing on a lot of squats.

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Tip number 3 continue fasting for 2-5+ hours. Fasting is a great way to help you lose belly fat, for men and women. When the workout is done, continue fasting so you can raise human growth hormone which is a powerful fat burning hormone.

Tip number 4 cold exposure. Does cold exposure help you lose weight; the science says YES! Here are ways to accomplish this. Cold showers Walking outside without a jacket when it’s cold Polar plunging into a cold lake or ocean Ice bath Ice pack on your shoulder blades while you watch T.V. or read a book

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🤓 [2] Ouellet, V., Labbé, S. M., Blondin, D. P., Phoenix, S., Guérin, B., Haman, F., ... & Carpentier, A. C. (2012). Brown adipose tissue oxidative metabolism contributes to energy expenditure during acute cold exposure in humans. The Journal of clinical investigation, 122(2), 545-552.



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