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Today, I am blessed to have here with me the founder and CEO of Farmers Juice, Junaid Kalmadi.

Farms are the lifeblood of a healthy food ecosystem. Farmers Juice partners with a network of trusted local farmers to source only the highest quality ingredients.

Their sourcing is organic (year-round when available) from family farms in California.

In this episode, Junaid Kalmadi speaks about his journey to opening Farmers Juice. They separate themselves from other juice companies because Farmers Juice focuses on local farms, they donate some of their proceeds to Kiss The Ground, and they have keto-friendly juices.

2020 has been a challenging year; it’s time that we focus on self-care and self-love. One way to practice self-care is through giving our body the nutrition it needs. Tune in as we talk about the misconceptions of cold-pressed and the benefits of juice on our mental health.

If you want to be in ketosis and check out the juices, you can do it here using code “ketokamp” https://thefarmersjuice.com/ketokamp.

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[00:25] About Junaid Kalmadi

  • At college, Junaid gained forty pounds. Throughout college, his cognitive performance was down. No one would hire him after he graduated!
  • So, Junaid started his own business out of necessity.
  • Even though his business was up and running, Junaid had anxiety and depression. He got the dream but still felt like crap.
  • Three years ago, Junaid took six months off to focus on being healthy. He started meditating every day, fasting, and keto. He lost twenty pounds and felt amazing.
  • Eventually, Junaid began to introduce cold-pressed juices into his diet.
  • Junaid’s juice journey led him to start Farmers Juice: (code: ketokamp) https://thefarmersjuice.com/ketokamp.

[09:15] The Logistics Behind Farmers Juice

  • Farmers Juice will deliver nationwide to the 48 states.
  • In terms of the process, the first step is the plant lifecycle. There is a time where plants have peak nutrition. They catch the plants during that time and juice it then and there.
  • Farmers Juice will use a lot of ugly produce that wouldn’t get placed in Whole Foods.
  • Once they juice the plants, then they use an innovative technology that introduces cold water and high pressure from every angle. That pressure will neutralize all the negative pathogens and maintain the integrity of the juice for thirty days.

[11:45] Keeping Farmers Juice In Your Fridge

  • After you open the juice, drink it within three days.
  • If you have no intention to drink the juice, don’t open it.
  • If the juice hasn’t been opened, it will last thirty days in your fridge.

[12:30] The Misconceptions Behind Cold-Pressed

  • Most companies do not take the level of attention to make sure the plants are organic.
  • Many juice companies are not organic because it’s more affordable.
  • Farmers Juice will take the extra step to make sure it’s organic.
  • Most juices are anywhere between eight and twelve dollars. Farmers Juice is $5.99 per juice.
  • Lastly, most juices are high in sugar. Junaid has created keto-friendly juices working with Dave Asprey.

[16:30] About Junaid’s Juices

  • The Greens Only box of juices is ketogenic and low glycemic.
  • It includes 20 organic cold-pressed juices and ten shots.
  • Many of the juices contain cucumber, dino kale, lemon, and ginger.
  • All of the juices will give you a good energy boost.

[23:10] The Benefits Of Juice On Mental Health

  • It’s critical to love yourself and take care of yourself.
  • One of the best ways to do that is to have healthy habits.
  • Work on appreciating yourself through nutrition.
  • When you have fast food, it changes how you felt for the rest of the day.
  • When you eat something good, you notice it more, and you feel the momentum in your health journey.
  • Think about what else you can do to expand your wellbeing, like drinking juice!


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/ / E P I S O D E S P ON S O R S

PureForm Omega Plant Based Oils (Best Alternative to Fish Oil): http://www.purelifescience.com Use ben4 for $4.00 off.

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