Furninshing Families: A Study On How Vision Manifests


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On Today’s Firewall, We’ll be talking to Annabelle about something which has been on my heart. Annabelle has been watching people come alive as they get connected to their purpose and each other. With churches shut down and not operating, it’s an excellent season for Christians that are being led by the spirit to discover that the Body of Christ is not confined to a meeting on Sundays. The greatest life will be what you are doing for the rest of the week in addition to that.

Many people come to help Annabelle with the Furnishing Families Ministry, but suddenly it awakens what they are called to do. This is important, as Annabelle has created her ministry, and it’s a study in how vision manifests. She went to a Fort Worth seminar, heard about the women who were living there in their cars, and she was disturbed that this was happening right here in America. So she just started her ministry to do something about it. She started it in our living room, and it grew and grew. Every day supernaturally, people with resources somehow find her, then very quickly someone contacts her who needs that resource. She is Holy Ghost throughput, just like that.

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