Biden: “Trump panicked; The virus was too big for him”; U.S. approaches 200,000 deaths from COVID-19; Trump speaks about Supreme Court vacancy; Dems need two more GOP senators to block Trump’s nominee


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Biden: Trump “froze, he failed to act, he panicked” about COVID-19; Biden slams Trump o pandemic as U.S. approaches 200,000 deaths; Trump: will announce pick for court Friday or Saturday; choices narrowed down to five people; McConnell: Trump’s nominee “will receive a vote”; Supreme court vacancy could upend presidential, senate races;

Trump claims U.S. is rounding the corner on pandemic despite 40,000+ new daily cases on average; 28 states see upward trend in new COVID cases; HHS Secy now must sign off on any rules from CDC, FDA; CDC removes guidelines on how COVID is spread; Bill Gates: best case scenario, pandemic will end by 2022; Federal official: change to CDC guideline was not the result of political pressure; Giroir pushes masks and social distancing, despite Trump holding packed rallies;

Trump talks about Supreme Court vacancy as he leaves for campaign rally in Ohio; Trump: five women being vetted for Supreme Court vacancy, I’ve spoken with some of the possible nominees, I’d rather the senate vote before the election; McConnell moving forward with confirmation; pushed to stall vote under Obama in 2016; GOP senators Murkowski & Collins oppose vote before election; Two more GOP senators needed to stop vote; Awaiting Sen Grassley statement on Supreme Court position; Ginsburg to lie in repose at Supreme Court, public can pay respects Wednesday & Thursday;

Trump: will nominate woman for high court o Friday or Saturday; Pelosi won’t rule out impeaching Trump or Barr to delay vote on Supreme Court nominee; Trump campaign: 2 million volunteers knocking on 3.3 million doors in 17 states; Pandemic slows democratic door-knocking, not as much for GOP; Outside groups pickup in-person canvassing as Biden campaign stays virtual during pandemic;

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