Bogus AZ audit backfires on Trump, confirms Biden won; CDC director breaks with advisory panel, expands booster eligibility; Sources: Afghan evacuees in Europe straining U.S. bases; Biden admits Dems are at a “stalemate” over his economic plans;


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Trump looks for new ways to undermine democracy after “fraudit” backfires in Arizona and confirms his loss; As one “big sham” ends in Arizona, another begins in Texas; Without any proof, Trump still claims 2020 election was rigged; Biden WH won’t assert executive privilege in Jan 6 investigation; Biden: if you’re eligible for a Pfizer booster, get it “now”; 2 hosts of “The View” test positive right before VP Harris interview; Sources: the challenges of housing a large population of evacuees at Ramstein Air Base becoming a “dire situation”; Measles outbreak delaying plans to move Afghan refugees from base in Germany as freezing temperatures near; 10k refugees stuck at air base in Germany; 53,000 housed at eight military bases across the U.S.; Approximately 2,000 of 3000 Afghan women at Ramstein Air Base in Germany are pregnant; Pelosi expects vote on Biden’s spending package next week; In letter to Dems, Pelosi says she expects to pass both the budget bill and infrastructure bill next week; Body found in river identified as missing grad student Jelani Day; FBI: nearly a third of missing persons are black, despite making up just 13% of the U.S. population; Black, indigenous, and minority families say they struggle to get attention on their missing persons cases;

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