Federal appeals court denies Trump campaign’s effort to challenge PA results: “the claims have no merit”; CDC committee calls for emergency meeting Dec 1 on vaccine distribution; U.S. aircraft carrier moving back into Persian Gulf for cover as troops are


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Trump snaps at reporter who asked about conceding; For the first time, Trump says he will leave white house if electoral college votes for Biden; Trump won’t say if he will attend Biden’s inauguration; Trump says he’ll campaign in GA senate runoffs; Ex-election security chief: “I stand by” my statement, the election was the most secure in American history; Biden & Harris to receive first presidential daily briefing on Monday; Biden expected to announce economic team next week;

U.S. sets record for hospitalizations for 17rth day in a row; Doctor: quarantine if you had Thanksgiving with family; Expert: there is “no zero-risk” option for travel; New survey: 51% of shoppers are nervous shopping in stores; 11 college football games canceled or postponed; FDA aiming to authorize vaccine a few weeks after Dec 10;

Iran warns of “severe revenge” after top nuclear scientist is assassinated; Without evidence, Trump warns of fraud in Georgia races; Control of senate hinges on Georgia senate runoffs; Supreme court sides 5-4 with religious groups on COVID restrictions;

CDC committee to vote next week on who gets vaccine first; FDA to make vaccine authorization decision in a few weeks; Managing stress and anxiety amid holidays and the pandemic; New research:37% of parents anticipate the pandemic will have negative impact on their long-term mental health; 45-year-old army reservist dies from coronavirus;

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