Lawmakers frustrated by lack of answers from top officials responsible for protecting Capitol; Trump planning political comeback, mulling presidential run; Biden marks 50M vaccines administered since he took office; New highly-contagious variants found in


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One year ago, Trump team said Covid & terrorism wouldn’t hit U.S.; Capitol Police Chief says emergency protocols weren’t followed, officers overwhelmed; Law enforcement officials continue to blame lack of intelligence for failing to prepare; New fractures emerge in GOP over Trump’s political future; Source: Trump’s CPAC speech will be his resurgence into politics; GOP Rep Greene attacks Dem colleague’s transgender child; Researchers: New variant in New York City & Northeast carries mutations that could evade immune response; 6.6% of U.S. population now fully vaccinated; Covid cases, hospitalizations & deaths all trending down; Does one small town have the recipe for returning to class?; Ohio school safely reopens with mask wearing, teacher vaccinations and just 3-foot social distancing; Superintendent to schools reluctant to reopen: Call me; NYC kids back in person today, OH starts Monday, CA still has no timeline; Tomorrow: House to vote on Biden’s $1.9T stimulus plan; Unclear if Covid bill will include $15 minimum wage; WH fighting for budget nominee Tanden but confirmation hangs by a thread; Trump’s tax returns turned over by NY District Attorney; Cuomo’s Fmr Secretary denies cover-up in nursing home deaths despite top Cuomo aide admitting data delay; NY Governor Cuomo denies sexual harassment allegations made by former aide; Recall effort: 1.8M unverified signatures collected to unseat Gov. after year of shutdowns, schools not open; Remembering 70-year-old Bertha Pretlow Brown;

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