Pulmonology expert: Floyd died “from a low level of oxygen”; Biden to Congress on guns: “Enough prayers, time for some action”; Myanmar protesters beg for justice & democracy; Fauci warns young people are spreading virus; CDC: Children’s sports likely spr


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Medical expert: Being handcuffed, having knee on neck, knee on back all contributed to fatally low oxygen; Fentanyl would have reduced George Floyd’s respiratory rate, but his rate was “normal”; Medical examiner still expected to testify; Found Floyd’s drug use, health conditions were “significant” conditions; Medical expert refutes defense argument that medical conditions, drug use responsible for Floyd’s death; Most jurors appear to be engaged & taking notes during pulmonary expert’s testimony, according to court reports; Biden takes “initial” steps on guns, calls on Congress for more; Biden: Gun violence is an epidemic & international embarrassment; CNN gets exclusive access inside Myanmar as military tries to control report, cuts WiFi; Myanmar’s military kills & detains pro-democracy protesters, blames “violators” for the violence; Brutal military crackdown continues, at least 570 people killed; People bang pots and pans, showing resistance to military rule; CNN visits public space surrounded by military, still people flash 3 finger salute, symbolizing uprising; CDC: One in four U.S. adults now fully vaccinated; GA lifts Covid restrictions, Gov. declares state “open for business”; Aide tells Times Union NY Gov. Cuomo groped her at governor’s mansion;

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