Special Edition: Top GOP, Dem leaders & Intel committee heads briefed today; Bolton: I didn’t see evidence Trump read the daily brief; Study: New mutation of coronavirus is more infectious; U.S. hit record high number of cases: 50K in one day; Epstein’s e


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NYT: Afghanistan businessman was middleman in Russian bounty scheme targeting U.S. service members; NYT: Afghan contractor served as middleman to pay Taliban; Dem Senator freezes military confirmations until Defense Secy confirms promotion for Lt. Col. Vindman; ICU manager: If you want to see Aug 1st, stay home July 4th; Herman Cain hospitalized with COVID-19; Attended Trump’s Tulsa rally; Florida sees 10k cases in one day, the highest yet; USC reverses decision to hold in-person classes in fall; Indoor businesses closed in counties where 28M Californians live; HHS: More than one vaccine could be ready next year; Moderna vaccine trial delayed until late July or early August; W.H.O. says 18 vaccines are in human trials globally; United Airlines: Very difficult to social distance on a plane; American Airlines to take new $4.75B govt bailout, says 20k employees are on payroll; Miami-Dade Police officer relieved of duty, under investigation after seen in video striking a woman; Outrage in Hong Kong on new law cracks down on dissent; As cases soar, Pence says “we’re going to keep opening up”; Fauci: U.S. never got the virus under control before reopening; People throwing “COVID Parties” with cash prize for getting infected; Trump testing Czar: Increase in cases not because of more testing; Pelosi: Trump failing in his role as Commander in Chief; Bolton: WH doesn’t have a “grip” on what’s going on; Sen. Gillibrand on Russia bounty Intel and the WH’s response; National Security Adviser: CIA briefer decided not to tell Trump “unverified: Russia bounty intel; TX Gov issues executive order requiring masks in public; Jobs report shows record 4.8M jobs added in June before spike in Covid cases; Trump: “Our economy is roaring back”; Did not mention U.S. down 14.7M jobs since February; Mnuchin: Upcoming stimulus could include school funding; Florida voter: Trump “blew it” on coronavirus; Older voters in Florida gauge Trump’s chances at reelection as Covid cases spike; GOP Officials, conservative leaders flock to “Parler” app; "Parler” brands itself as free speech space, but progressives claim they are getting booted off;

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