Trump claims U.S. is doing “fine” with coronavirus; Nearly 60,000 new cases & 985 deaths reported Wed.; Fauci calls push for herd immunity “nonsense”; French President says curfew could be extended until December; Trump & Biden in separate town halls toni


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Trump falsely says 85% of people wearing masks catch coronavirus; Trump falsely claims Dr. Fauci, who has served under 6 presidents, is a Democrat; Trump: I’m not tested every day “but I’m tested a lot”; Trump: “Not doing any more lockdowns” if cases spike; Sen. Harris off trail after two recent contacts test positive; Sen Harris & husband tested negative for virus today; 35 states report rise in new cases, seven states report record high hospitalizations; Beverly Hills bans trick-or-treating, cites COVID risks; Europe engulfed by a second wave of COVID, accounts for one-third of new cases worldwide; France declares a state of emergency, imposes curfews; President Macron says “the virus is everywhere”; Member of company that charters Biden’s plane tests positive; Campaign says Biden wasn’t in close contact; Trump in trouble as FL senior vote shifts towards Biden; Trump losing support among FL seniors over Admin’s botched pandemic response; Fauci on thanksgiving: “We have to really be careful this time”; GOP Sen. Sasse: Trump “kisses dictators’ butts,” has “flirted with white supremacists”; Hearings end with bipartisan maskless hug;

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