U.S. COVID deaths surpasses 675,000; Higher than 1918 flu pandemic; Critical week for Pelosi to unite party, get Biden agenda passed; Biden’s domestic agenda enters pivotal time on Capitol Hill;


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Pfizer: vaccine is safe for children 5-11, generated “robust” antibody response; Ex-FDA chief: vaccine for younger kids may be available by late October; DC mayor mandates vaccines for all teachers, daycare providers; San Francisco mayor defiant after breaking city’s mask rules; U.S. averaging 147K+ new infections and 1,900+ deaths a day; Pfizer now accounts for nearly 70% of all COVID shots given in U.S.; DOW sinks as Wall Street fears turn to China; Biden admin to ease travel restrictions on vaccinated foreigners flying to U.S., land crossings still closed; Rep. Ocasio-Cortez insists she’s a “no” vote on $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill if larger $3.5T package not included; Moderate Sen. Manchin urges democrats to slow down on $3.5T economic package; Biden facing a growing number of domestic & global issues; Biden faced with foreign policy turmoil ahead of U.N. speech; Biden’s approval rating falls to lowest point in his term; New book explores the rise of anger division in us politics; Psaki: Biden, Macron to speak “in the coming days”; France: we were never informed U.S. was doing sub deal; Source: U.S. officials surprised by French submarine outrage; Right now: Canadians voting in race pushed by Prime Minister Trudeau as his poll numbers drop;

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