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In this episode I’m talking to Alice Gibbons. Alice is the IBDP Coordinator for English at West Island School Hong Kong and also one of 3 contributors to a 2019 textbook for the IBDP Language and Literature course.

We discuss:

- The best book she’s ever read, taught or been taught

- Alice’s experience as a teacher at home in the UK and abroad

- How the opportunity to write a textbook come about and what she gained from the process

- Alice’s thoughts on the new iteration of the IBDP English A course and what she likes and dislikes about it

- Her interpretation of what intertextuality means in practice and how she implements it in the classroom

- The best 3 Language or Non-literary Bodies of Work Alice has come across or taught and the Lit texts they work well with

- And finally, the best resources for people looking to continually improve within the DP

Thanks again to Alice for finding time to discuss English at IBDP level and offering so many useful ideas for those building or reviewing a curriculum.

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Alice’s co-authored textbook

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