Norm Macdonald; Niche Legal Practice; and “Chicago vs. Kansas City”


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Maybe he wasn’t the funniest Canadian ever (who could unseat Jim Carey?), but Norm Macdonald still deserves his due. Jared pays homage to the late comedian with an overview of his finest works and samplings of his deadpan comedic style.

Next up, Jared brings on Stanley Tate to talk through the benefits of niche legal practice. Many lawyers leave law school not really knowing how to develop a profitable business, but Stanley shares how working up expertise in a niche area of the law can lead to a lucrative career.

Last, on today’s Rump Roast, Jared pits Stanley’s former and current locales against each other in a game called “Chicago vs. Kansas City.”

Stanley Tate is principal of Tate Law, where he works exclusively with clients in need of help with student loan debt management.

In honor of he Norm Macdonald, the Canadian comedic great, this episode’s Spotify playlist is full of other great stuff from Canada.

Our opening track is Two Cigarettes by Major Label Interest.

The music for the Legal Trends Report Minute is I See You by Sounds Like Sander.

Our outro music is Eternity by Eazy

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