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Tulley and Anton arrive in Japan to rescue Oberlin along with the help of an old friend. Will Yakuza boss Kasunori Tanaka double-cross them? Back in Leviathan, Evangeline admits a secret to Macallan about the true purpose of the Eden Initiative.

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The Leviathan Chronicles was written and created by Christof Laputka. Directed by Nobi Nakanishi. Executive Produced by Robin Shore. Produced by Luke Allen. Edited and Sound Designed by Robin Shore and Luke Allen. Original music composed by Luke Allen.


Samantha Parker as The Narrator

Matt Shale as Jeffery Tulley

Adam Saul Bloch as Anton

Christof Laputka as Fish Egg Freddy

Nobi Nakanishi as Kasunori Tanaka

J.P. Higgins as Oberlin St Clair

Kim Donovan as Macallan Orsel

Laura Post as Evangeline Leifreik

Nancy Wu as Dr. Nora Link

William TN Hall as Harlequinn

Stephanie Komure as Astrid Ansler

Claire Dodin as Lisette Mainsables

Ben Burgess as Cluracan

86 episodes