News Roundup 8/14/20


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US News The US bars charter flights to Cuba. The US is attempting to increase economic pressure on Cuba. [Link] The US will require dozens of Confucius Institute branches in the US to register as foreign agents. [Link] The US deploys three B-2 Spirit bombers to Diago Garcia. [Link] Trump’s UAE/Israel Deal In a statement released by Trump, the UAE and Israel agree to normalize relations. Trump takes credit for facilitating the agreement. [Link] The UAE claims the agreement defuses the “ticking time bomb” of Israeli annexation. [Link] Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu says the hold on annexation is only temporary and plans to go through with annexing parts of the West Bank. [Link] Middle East Turkey’s President Erdogan said that any attack on a Turkish ship exploring for oil would come with a “high price.” Turkey recently sent oil expiration ships into a part of the Mediterranean Sea disputed with Greece. Greece and France carried out naval drills in the area. [Link] Greek and Turkish warships were involved in a “mini-collision” in the Mediterranean Sea. [Link] CENTCOM head Gen. McKenzie says US troops will remain in Iraq for years to come. [Link] Iraq is seeking help from the Arab League to apply diplomatic pressure on Turkey to end its invasion of northern Iraq. [Link] Israel says it has destroyed over a third of Syria’s air defense systems over the past two years. [Link] Nigeria Nigeria says it is undergoing a huge effort to get off America’s visa ban list. [Link]

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