Dealing W/ Death, Insomnia, Anger Issues, Career Crisis, & Back Pain: Community Q&A Solo Show #317


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It’s been a few weeks, but we’re back with another Community Q&A show! All these questions were asked in The Life Stylist Podcast Facebook Group, and you all had some great questions as usual.

Before we get into it, I always like to remind you that this is not meant to be taken as medical advice. It's always best to check with a professional before making changes to your diet or lifestyle.

What I will be sharing today is a combination of my two decades in the health and wellness field based on my subjective experience and knowledge at this time.

08:19 — Kimberly asks: Has anyone dealt with insomnia coming on during/after a detox? I’m struggling to fall asleep during the 2nd part of my cycle. Any tips on what I can try?

  • Could be any number of things
  • Blue light
  • Sleeping in too late - watch the sun rise for a few days
  • Avoid caffeine after 4 PM
  • Keep your room pitch black / dark
  • Use an Ooler or ChiliPAD to keep your mattress cool
  • Don't do work after dark
  • Turn off WiFi at night
  • Avoid EMF, have your home EMF inspected, and consider shielding your bedroom
  • Avoid eating within a couple hours of bedtime
  • Get some hydrocortisone / licorice root from Dr. Craig Koniver to help regulate circadian rhythm. Use code Luke10 for 10% off at
  • Use Dream by
  • Use Sleep Formula by Quicksilver Scientific
  • Use full-spectrum CBD from ONDA Wellness

24:05 — Stacey asks: Embarrassing question but, does anyone have any successful ways of dealing with anger issues? I’m normally pretty mellow but, when I get into something heated, I feel like I have a hard time walking away and keep it going. (P.S. this only happens with BF’s - never family or friends.)

  • Do trauma work to get to the root of your triggers — breath work, plant medicines, EMDR, hypnosis, etc
  • Do family of origin work at Onsite or the Hoffman Process
  • Write 4th step or 10th step inventories as outlined in the 12 steps to discover your part in the drama
  • Pause when agitated or doubtful, and remove yourself from the situation until your limbic system calms down
  • Study The Work by Byron Katie and ‘do the work’ on each situation. This helps dispel stories your mind tells you about what's happening.
  • Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it
  • Do intimacy work around relationships to discover why/how you are acting out trauma patterns from the past
  • John Wineland is a great resource
  • Listen to all of my John Gray interviews: episode 39 and episode 239
  • Melody Beattie and Pia Mellody are also good resources.
  • Go to alanon to learn how to take responsibility for your emotions and your part in relationships
  • Do Joe Dispenza meditations 1-2x per day to learn how to access your higher self and break the habit of being you
  • Do a live or online DNRS program with Annie Hopper
  • Each time you find yourself at war, repeat the mantra ‘would I rather win or be happy?’

49:30 — Joana asks: To anyone who has lost someone close: what have you done to help process grief? Any therapies/books/meditations. This is the only group I ever go to ask questions on Facebook, as I feel like if you are in this group you are my people.

  • I don't have a ton of experience with this, but I have endured a lot of trauma and loss.
  • One must feel whatever there is to be felt
  • The only way past it is through it
  • Take some time each day to pause and be compassionate with yourself
  • Study and apply teachings and teachers that subscribe to reincarnation - like Ram Dass, David R. Hawkins, and almost every high-level teacher in history, across all belief systems
  • This helps you ease your grip on the person you lost in the form in which they appeared to you.
  • I just had a very close friend leave his body. Aside from the tools I just mentioned, one thing that has helped is to feel his presence, and to communicate with his spirit directly when his memory or the grief of the loss comes to mind.
  • Facing the reality of the death of others helps us accept and grieve the temporary nature of ALL forms, including the one we currently possess.
  • Facing our own demise is one of the healthiest and empowering practices we can adopt
  • In a positive sense, I reflect on my mortality often, always reminding myself that when I leave here, I'm not gone. I've just changed forms energetically, as do all persons who leave their bodies.
  • More than anything, pray for your lost ones and build a trusting relationship with a loving god of your understanding

01:04:10 — Jasmin asks: I need advice on how you guys without a "regular" job earn money. I haven't had an income in several months now and it's getting scary. I live in a place where there's not much work, it's not close to a city and I have a kid (1.5 year old). I've been thinking about starting an Etsy page. My friend has also recommended me to join her with doTerra. I'm in serious need of help and money! What are your suggestions that you know work?

  • Work as a remote VA if you have those skills. My VA came from an amazing company called Belay Solutions
  • Join if you have any special skills like graphic design, audio/video editing, copywriting, research, data entry, bookkeeping, or anything that can be done remotely
  • If you have any skills that can be applied in person and your city supports the app, sign up for TaskRabbit. This could be organizing, errands, putting furniture together, yard work, hauling, anything like that.
  • Etsy store is a great idea
  • Study the online marketing masters like Amy Porterfield, Joe Polish, Russell Brunson, Gary Vaynerchuk, Brendon Burchard, and Pat Flynn. All of them have free podcasts or videos.
  • If you have a niche interest or expertise, create content, build an audience ,and monetize it via affiliates or sponsors using the marketing tools of the aforementioned experts - you could produce a podcast, blog posts, a YouTube channel, or other social media channel that allows you to get paid for content.
  • Research online programs for starting your own home business.
  • Finally, get out a white board and brain dump every possible skill you possess and put them on paper
  • Then make a list of people you know personally who have monetized any of those skills, and ask them for mentorship or support
  • Without knowing your skills and passion, it's tough to give a blanket fix, but this could be a great place to start
  • Delve deeply into any teachings that explore limiting beliefs and subconscious patterns of unworthiness. The Lacy Phillips To Be Magnetic program is a great place to start.
  • As a practice, I recommend creating a vision board or booklet or even digital slide shows that show the end goal of financial success and security
  • After all, it’s not that we want a job or career, it's what that role promises — fulfillment, security, a sense of purpose and meaning. So rather than putting all efforts into the how (i.e. finding work), put some visualization into the ‘why’

01:18:10 — Louise asks: Has anyone found anything super helpful for low back pain due to degenerative joint disease? I know this is a natural part of aging, but I’m 36 and don’t want it to get worse, as I like to be super active. Working with a chiropractor right now and adding acupuncture and massage soon but would love to hear other hacks!

01:33:25 — Bob asks: Ozone water vs Rectal Ozone. Healing from mold illness, and I want to use ozone, but money is tight. I already have an ozone water generator. Do any of y'all have thoughts on just drinking lots of ozone water vs going whole hog and getting a medical ozone rectal insufflation thing?

  • I don't have experience with drinking ozonated water, but i'm a HuGE fan of ozone therapy for a long list of benefits
  • Simply 03 and Longevity Resources make amazing home units.
  • I bring my generator, and an older handmade one I bought, on every road trip I make, including the one I'm on now
  • I use ozone a few days per week, and could not and would not ever live without my generator
  • If I had mold exposure, Lyme, or anything like that, I would be doing 2-3 home treatments per day as well as a series of 10-pass ozone IVS immediately.
  • My go-to for ozone therapy is Dr. Frank Shallenberger

01:37:08 — Cody asks: Anyone have experience in curing/helping bi-polar without medication?

  • This is a tricky one, and I must answer carefully since I have not overcome this issue personally
  • Could be caused by a number of underlying issues
  • Could be misdiagnosed
  • I would study Dr. Kelly Brogan and get her book “A Mind of Your Own”
  • An anti-inflammatory diet can work miracles. Paleo/keto/carnivore even for a recovery period is said to be very helpful, due to inflammation in the brain being one of the possible root causes.
  • Meditation and brainwave balancing with tech like NuCalm, or even neurofeedback to restore brain function, circulation.
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy also improves brain function via circulation
  • If I was dealing with this, I would put most of my eggs in the spiritual basket
  • I have been relieved of so many troubling mental and emotional conditions, and addictions purely by praying to god, and asking for guidance on how to accept or change the condition I'm troubled by.

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