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**This Weeks episode of The Limehouse Podcast is brought to you by WWW.SOMEDAYSAREDIAMONDS.CO.UK Film, TV and writing all in one place** Dedee Pfeiffer ladies and gentlemen. As journeys go Dedee has certainly had one. She has battled through a pretty healthy amount of obstacles in her time. We talk about some of the highs and lows but we focus heavily on her own craft and what makes her such a stand out character. She also took a long stay of absence from Hollywood and managed to find something a great deal more rewarding than the glits and glamour. I loved spending time with her as will you. Find us on Twitter @limehousepod and of course we're on instgram! The Limehouse Podcast WWW.SOMEDAYSAREDIAMONDS.CO.UK on this webiste you will find: The Name: a short film starring TIm Bentnick. One mans quest for answers and discovery. The Local scene: a comedy pilot based on three struggling muscians in the heart of a very local scene. The Limehouse Podcast blog The Limehouse Podcast episodes

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