EP 56: Easkey Britton - The 30x30 petition and We Are One Ocean campaign, Blue Health, The Irish surf scene, and the Top 5 ways the ocean can benefit your health


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Irish marine social scientist and big wave surfer Dr. Easkey Britton talks about the We Are One Ocean campaign and the 30x30 petition that calls on world leaders to protect 30% of our shared one ocean by the year 2030. She dives deep into Blue Health and the countless proven mental and physical benefits of being in the ocean, from the healing effects of the water on PTSD, anxiety, and depression to the impact of cool water immersion on the nervous system. She details her family’s roots in surfing, explores her competitive career and how she got into big wave surfing, and breaks down the Irish surf scene. Then, in this week’s “Top 5” segment of the podcast, Easkey breaks down the top five ways that the ocean can benefit your health.

Sign The Petition: https://www.weareoneocean.org/

To find out more about Easkey Britton and her work go to: http://easkeybritton.com/ and follow her on instagram: @easkeysurf

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