EP 60: Nick Carroll - Surf Journalism, Australia vs California, Rebellion in Surfing, The pandemic surfing boom, The death of surf culture, and Kelly Slater’s future


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Author and surf scribe Nick Carroll joins the podcast for a deep discussion about a wide and unexpected array of surfing topics. He breaks down the differences between Australian and American surf journalism as well as the similarities between the California and Australia surf scenes. He describes how you can learn a lot about who a person really is by watching them in the water. He dives into the idea of rebellion in surfing, the long-standing surf institutions, the anti-establishment community, and the death of surf culture. He shares stories of his early competitive aspirations, watching his younger brother win World Titles, and how he moved from competing to writing about surfing for a living. He also touches on the current surfing boom caused by the pandemic and Kelly Slater’s future on tour before giving his top five things that changed the pro surfing game forever.

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