Cattle Chats with John Hall of the American Milking Devon Cattle Association


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Welcome to our first Cattle Chat this month! We're excited to talk with John Hall about his American Milking Devons.

John L. Hall III is a 10th generation farmer and owner of Maple Breeze Farm ( in Westbrook, CT. John’s family has raised American Milking Devon Cattle on the farm in Westbrook continuously since 1635. John has been the President of the American Milking Devon Cattle Association ( since 2005.

John and his wife Bonnie, maintain a herd of 70 American Milking Devons. They raise, train and sell young males for future teams of oxen; sell breeding stock and market their beef products at the farm and at Farmer’s Market.

Over the years, John and Bonnie have enjoyed meeting other Devon breeders and promoting the breed when they take vacations across the country.

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