1707: The Ketogenic Pharmacist Brian O’Halloran On Why Real Food Trumps Medications


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On Episode 1707 of the LLVLC Show, The Ketogenic Pharmacist Brian O’Halloran drops by to talk about how real food is the basis for a healthy lifestyle.

“Everything is funded by the pharmaceutical companies and you realize you’re making a deal with the devil.”

- Brian O’Halloran

In this interview, Jimmy speaks with a very unique guest—a pharmacist who supports keto—in Brian O’Halloran, PharmD. He has 20+ year of experience in the pharmaceutical world and yet became so disenchanted by his industry that he began educating himself on the role of nutrition in health.

That’s when Brian came across the keto diet and was so enchanted by its healing properties that he added Certified Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist to his credentials. Tune in to hear a fascinating discussion about how nutritional ketosis Is far more powerful in healing your body than most medications.

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