1677: Judy Barnes Baker Back From The Brink Of Death Warns Keto Dieters Of Vitamin A Toxicity


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Today Jimmy is joined by Judy Barnes Baker on Episode 1677 of The LLVLC Show.

“I was losing weight quickly, I was passing out and nobody had any idea what was going on with me.”

– Judy Barnes Baker

Judy Barnes Baker always knew she would be an artist when she grew up. So how did an artist come to write a book on health, diet, and nutrition? She was as surprised as anyone else, but it was a matter of necessity, not choice. Judy’s husband had always said he would never live to retire because of health problems and family history, and he took early retirement to be close to his grandchildren so they would remember him. His weight, blood pressure and blood lipid profile had gotten steadily worse over the years. Every time he went to the doctor, his medications would be increased, and he was starting to get serious side effects. Judy first learned about low-carb diets from a friend and decided to see if that would help get him off some of his many medications. She knew he would eat what she gave him as long as it was good. Six months later, he went in for his regular checkup. When the test results came in the mail, the Dr. had written “Way to go!” across the bottom. (The Dr. had no idea how he had done it, and never asked.) They have been committed to the low-carb life and enjoying its benefits ever since.

After seven years of re-creating all their favorite recipes, Judy wanted to share what she had learned so other people wouldn’t have to start from scratch.

Listen in today as Judy joins Jimmy for a fascinating conversation all about her journey to the brink of death and back, and what caused this incredibly dramatic trip into the unknown.

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