The Money Expert: Getting Debt Free and Investing For Beginners


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Lo is joined by globally recognized millennial money and career expert, Tori Dunlap, to break down the money stigma wall and get people talking more freely about something keeping 74% of Americans up at night — their finances.

Tori began her now 7-figure business, Her First 100k, as a side hustle with the intention of teaching women to embrace their financial power while fighting the patriarchy through education. With over 1.6 million TikTok followers and 1.4 million podcast downloads in only three months, this financial feminist is rewriting the money handbook. Lo and Tori break down how to make your money work for you and how to pay off your debt (the smart way). They dive into the dark truth behind MLMs and why having an emergency savings account should be your top priority. They also cover how to start investing in stocks and give you the beginner's guide to getting into the stock market. It doesn’t have to be an old white man’s game anymore; the proof is in the financial feminist pudding.

Since money actually doesn’t grow on trees and that get-rich-quick scheme is clearly too good to be true, today’s episode is dedicated to building financial freedom and facing your money fears head-on. There is no holding back in this highly requested episode as Tori and Lo discuss how to get smart with your money and start investing in your future self while caring for your past self.

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