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Today my guest is a fellow podcaster, coach and athlete who has struggled as myself with burnout and breakdown of her body systems. We chat about our experiences with chronic stress, METABOLIC CHAOS®, as we say in FDNP, or the old term – “Adrenal Fatigue” or for me “Adrenal Exhaustion” …technically dysfunction to our HPA Axis (hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis).

Based on my experience with “Adrenal Exhaustion” signs and symptoms starting the obviously show up in February 2013, my purpose and mission is to help driven individuals avoid going through what I went through the past eight years! I shared my personal story in my book LIFE IS NOT A RACE to help create awareness of being addicted to busy-ness and living with the philosophy that “more is better’ – when sometimes that less is more!

You could be like me and doing all the “Right” things in life to stay fit, strong, and healthy- but only to find yourself overindulging in LIFE itself. I was burning the candle at both ends for MANY years until my red warning flags were too obvious to ignore anymore. I was doing fasted workouts, I was doing strength training, I was doing yoga, I was doing low carb keto type of eating and I was feeling happy everyday! Anything too much does accumulate and overfills our “beaker of stress”. Too much of anything can lead to “METABOLIC CHAO®”!

The struggle is real, and you are not alone!

My friend Connie has experienced unexplained fatigue, weight gain and burnout -and today she shares her story and journey.

Connie Nightingale is a certified nutritionist, personal trainer, former bodybuilding athlete busy mom and the Host of The Fit Farming Food Mom podcast.

Knowing that the body is part of one beautifully functioning whole, Connie uniquely targets the mental, physical, and nutritional elements of healthy living. It has been said many times over that “Abs start in the kitchen.” While this is true, Connie knows that mental wellness, gut health, and physical energy start in the kitchen too.

This is why Connie tailors individualized eating plans for her customers’ specific goals and desired outcomes. Her journey towards holistic health has changed her from the inside out and she is ready to help you do the same. Connie’s expertise ranges from nutritional guidance, one-on-one personal training, lifestyle coaching, fitness photography, mindset reframing, and bodybuilding competition coaching.

Her goal is to teach each client how to empower themselves towards future self-sufficiency by guiding them to crack their very own health code.

Contact Connie on her website here

Enjoy the show! Let me know if you have any questions for either of us.

We are here to help you avoid digging yourself into a hole and experiencing H.I.D.D.E.N. internal sources of CHRONIC Stress that accumulate from living life as a race for too long!

Suddenly you will find your hormones, immune system, digestion, detoxification, energy system and nervous systems are all out of whack as we lose balance or homeostasis in our body systems. CHRONIC stress can break you down and burn out your body systems – trust me. I experienced it firsthand starting back in 2013.

Join my journey and my mission to help other ambitious, high performing individuals get their body and vibrant self back again by finding out what is actually going on “under the hood” by running functional lab tests and investigate the WHOLE picture! I help you put your missing pieces of your METABOLIC CHAOS® puzzle together to restore your health and vitality!

Do you want to feel your best self this year and live your best life?

Message me if you do!

Debbie Potts

Health & Fitness Coach, Author, & Speaker

Host of ‘The Low Carb Athlete’ Health Building Podcast

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