Black Lives Matter Riot and the Capitol Hill Riot: Comparing the police response [E193]


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A large critique and criticism of the Capitol Hill Riot of January 6th is the Police response. The argument of the left, President Elect Biden included, is that "if it was black people rioting the response would have been different." Today we look at the facts laid out by PolitiFact.PolitiFact has a LEFT leaning bias. Left. Lets see what really happened...Links for this episode: Until next time… Be a purpose seeker, truth lover, and own your future.To take more steps to live a focus life to achieve your dreams and fulfill your destiny–get my book Anchored the Discipline to Stop Drifting. you for listening, and as always you can find me at:WhatsApp: +1-202-922-0220LucasSkrobot.comLinkedIn:

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