⚡️BREAKING⚡️: Taliban handed Afghanistan--no resistance: Vietnam Remixed [E249]


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Taliban reaches Kabul and The Afghan/NATO government peacefully handover over power to Taliban ending a 20 year conflict and time traveling Afghanistan BACK to 2001 and the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan under Taliban reign.

Time Stamps
0:00 Taliban take power after 20 years
1:09 Intro
1:27 Afghan President Ghani Resigns
2:27 Hug and Kisses
2:49 Military Bases
2:57 Humvees
2:59 Airplanes
3:01 Blackhawk Helicopters
3:21 Transitional Government? (New intel says no transition but pure Taliban Rule)
3:49 Has the USA learned anything since Vietnam?
4:02 Taliban Gained needed recognition
4:36 Biden: July 8th "Taliban will not take over"
5:54 Mystery of why Afghanistan folded--suspicion
10:51 Biden July 8th on Vietnam
13:41 Vietnam Chopper
14:20 Afghan Chopper
15:19 Backed up visa office
16:13 Positive development?
19:10 Taliban moved faster than expected and no resistance.
21:49 Yeah That Makes Sense
22:16 Jen Psaki - Taliban finding place in International Community
22:47 Trap of "Multiculturalism"
26:03 NPR on the Taliban
27:58 TRUMP'S biggest mistake?
28:41 Biden Blames Trump
31:44 Mahbooba Seraj on state of Afghanistan
34:19 Ruling Elite view Afghanistan as pawn?
37:19 Shifting global Epoch
38:29 Listeners like you
40:15 Weaver and Loom
41:13 Sun Tzu, Art of War
44:57 Get more by building your community up.
45:59 Own your Future like the Taliban own Afghanistan

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