Global crisis, brink of war, and growing bonsai? [E222]


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As war breaks out in the Middle East, pipelines are held ransom in USA, and India continues to be shaken . . . we IGNORE all of that and talk about something far more important--the art of Bonsai.

We IGNORE the urgency of the hour (even though there is much to be had) to we focus on the LONG view of our lives.

The 24 hr news and anxiety cycle drives us to click, taps, views, and shares and with it is stealing our purpose and destiny. But when we step back and focus on the 100 year view of our lives and the generational transfer of heritage and legacy we move into patience, clarity, willingness to sacrifice ignoring the fear and criticism.

Simple Bonsai:
Thickening Trunk:

Until next time… Be a purpose seeker, discern the Truth, and own the future.

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