Total Hypocrisy - Jan 6th DC Riot [E192]


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The hypocrisy is suffocating from all political parties currently in America. There are very few uniting voices of reason. Most voice are seeking to divide and further their own political agenda. I'm sure many will find my opinion divisive as well--but if we can look across the aisle and see that both side are just as guilty, that both sides are just as human and broken and fallen... Then maybe there would be a possibility to mourn how we have fallen as a society and return to a sound moral fabric to restore dignity to the state of our nation. Additional Links: Until next time… Be a purpose seeker, truth lover, and own your future.To take more steps to live a focus life to achieve your dreams and fulfill your destiny–get my book Anchored the Discipline to Stop Drifting. you for listening, and as always you can find me at:WhatsApp: +1-202-922-0220LucasSkrobot.comTiktok:

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