Vegas Pool Parties Ft. Sally deFries and Lily Boettcher


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This week on The Mail-In, Brett is joined by sisters and friends of the program, Sally and Lily. The gang discusses what to do when someone REFUSES to honor a Venmo request after a night out, how to cut friends from the annual lakehouse trip, and knowing when you're in and getting OUT of the friend zone. They also jump into trips to Vegas and how they go about keeping tabs low throughout the trip. Free bottle service is always the goal.

(3:36) A.I.M. vs. AIM and what were your screen names?

(10:00) Chasing down Venmo requests when someone doesn't want to pay

(18:18) How to cut old friends from the lakehouse weekend roster?

(28:50) I'm a single dude who can't get past the 3-week dating mark. What am I doing wrong?

(44:12) I caught feelings for a dude in my new friend group. Am I in the friend zone?

(52:38) Vegas pool parties and is it normal for my sig oth to be getting tables and drinks bought for them on bach trips?

(1:02:17) How do you plan to start a family? Ft. a Sally deFries PSA

(1:11:49) Shower Thoughts 🚿🚿 ft. a Would You Rather from Lily Boettcher

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