21. Sam Wood, 28 By Sam Wood // Meet The Founder Behind Australia’s #1 Fitness App Which Experienced A 258% Increase In Sign-Ups During COVID


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“Do now what your business needs you to do, and then take that big deep breath later because the time for rest will come” (Sam Wood, Founder of 28 By Sam Wood).

Welcome to Season 2 of The Make It Happen Show, one of Australia’s top-ranked podcasts by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

Business owners have experienced a lot of hardship, challenges, and changes over the past 6 months, so we wanted to invite along a business owner who’s experienced both the highs and the lows of 2020.

Sam Wood is the Founder of Australia’s #1 at-home fitness app, 28 By Sam Wood. When gyms across the country started shutting their doors, his business experienced an incredible 258% increase in sign-ups, and has had 40% growth compared to this time last year. 28 is now well on its way to become an 8-figure business by the end of the year, but it’s not been a smooth ride. High-growth businesses experience their own unique set of challenges. Listen along to hear what those challenges were for Sam and his business in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, and how he was able to overcome them and sustain the growth of the business.

This episode will absolutely give you the push you need to keep powering through the rest of 2020. Sam has an incredible mind for business, is an inspiring leader, and understands that the growth of 28 this year bottles down to a whole lot more than “right place, right time.” Listen to the full interview to find out.

Here are the full show-notes from this episode of The Make It Happen Show:

[0:00] Episode highlights

[1:08] Tim introduces Sam Wood

[2:30] Sam talks about how gyms and other service-based businesses have adopted technology

[4:33] How 28 By Sam Wood took off during the pandemic

[6:08] Sam talks about how the business’ customer profile has expanded

[7:08] The work that goes into offering a premium digital service

[10:31] Sam shares the must-have features of any digital community

[12:48] On 28 By Sam Wood’s online platforms and community outside the app

[14:17] The challenges of growing a team online during the pandemic

[15:40] Sam talks about different methods for high-growth customer acquisition

[22:23] When is it the right time to bring in a CEO to support you as the Founder?

[26:06] On Sam’s journey from personal trainer to successful business owner

[28:31] Tim throws Sam rapid-fire questions

[28:52] The #1 piece of advice Sam would give himself for starting out in business

[29:23] Sam shares the business buzzword he doesn’t like using

[31:02] The #1 routine that has helped increase Sam’s productivity

[31:38] Sam’s advice for business owners feeling burnout, who feel like their resilience has waned in recent months

[33:28] What’s next for 28 By Sam Wood

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