24. You Make It Happen: Resilience Strategies For Entrepreneurs In Challenging Times (with Jack Delosa, Founder of The Entourage)


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“Your suffering is in direct proportion to the degree to which you are resisting change” (Jack Delosa, Founder of The Entourage)

What’s the #1 skill you can develop as an entrepreneur in these uncertain times? The ability to make the best move when there are no good moves.

In business, action creates momentum. But when we’re faced with challenge, the natural response is to become less decisive and retreat. If you do this, your business will suffer.

So we wanted to invite someone along for this episode of The Make It Happen Show who’s dealt with his fair share of challenges, and developed the resilience strategies to overcome them - our Founder, Jack Delosa. Apart from being a 5X AFR Young Rich Lister, 2X Best-Selling Author, and the leader of Australia’s largest movement for entrepreneurs, Jack’s also faced some significant challenges in his time in business - challenges so grand that it set him and The Entourage in a good place to weather the adversity of 2020. Here are the resilience and happiness strategies that helped him overcome them.

These are the full show notes from this episode of The Make It Happen Show:

[0:00] Episode highlights

[1:17] Tim introduces Jack

[2:06] Jack maps out the topic touchpoints throughout for the episode

[3:10] The biggest hurdle The Entourage had to go through

[5:25] On Jack’s response when told to give up The Entourage during its biggest challenge

[6:31] Jack illustrates the two paths of adversity

[7:28] The two things you must not do when facing adversity

[7:53] The two things you must do when facing adversity

[8:01] Jack explains how your resistance to change can bring about your suffering

[8:36] Jack pinpoints why adversity shouldn’t be an excuse to stop taking care of oneself

[9:33] The importance of a “Happiness Strategy”

[11:21] Jack highlights why looking after yourself is the most selfless act to do

[12:16] The ultimate reminder for those dealing with adversity

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