EP 110 - Keys to Developing A Multi-Seven Figure Business With Tyler Narducci


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“The safer route actually is to diversify your income stream with multiple clients; not just have one. ”

In today’s episode of The Master Delegator Podcast, I am joined by SobeViral’s owner, Tyler Narducci as we talk about how he quickly scaled his agency to a multi seven-figure business and how entrepreneurs do the same.

Follow Your Intuition

Tyler was previously an underpaid employee who believed he deserved more and could serve his true purpose. Because he was strong at marketing and knew he wanted to start his own business, he decided to leave his previous company and ultimately start his own.

He was terrified at first, and a lot of things held him back from doing it, but he stuck to his desire and followed his instinct until he was making a seven-figure business.

The Big 3

For Tyler, creating a strategy that focuses on leads, teams, and sales is an effective way for entrepreneurs to make seven figures with their business.
Focus on Leads

It’s important that entrepreneurs make a steady flow of leads, which might come from emails, LinkedIn, and advertisements because it is the lifeblood of your business that will keep every process flowing continuously and smoothly.
Focus on Team

After obtaining leads, it is critical for entrepreneurs to fulfill those leads or clients in order to keep them satisfied and retain them. To do so, you will need a team to work with because you cannot handle everything in your business alone and efficiency will not be sacrificed.

Focus on Sales

Sales skills are required to get financing, excite and encourage the team, and of course, turn leads into deals. Every business effort requires sales, especially in the early phases of establishing and developing a business.
The Importance Of Delegation in Running A Successful Business

Tyler believed that scaling a business without delegating was difficult. Because a person only has 24 hours in a day to concentrate on something, it is impossible to focus on leads, team, and sales all at once. A single person can produce one good result in a day, but if you have more than one person working on your business, results can be made in a single day.
About Tyler Narducci

Tyler Narducci, CEO of SobeViral and online business coach helped over 300 Agencies through their Done-for-You Agency Program.

Connect with Tyler and SobeViral here:
Website: https://sobeviral.com/








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