Ep 111 - Scaling a Business by Delegating With John Moore


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“It's not just about how much money can I make and how big a house I can have, it’s about how many people we can affect as an entrepreneur.”

In today's episode of The Master Delegator Podcast, I spoke with John Moore of 305 Spin, who has been an entrepreneur since 1993. Tune in as we talk about his journey and helping people out with their business through Marketing and Technology, as well as how delegation helped him in his long career in business.

Addressing the 1993 till 2022 Challenge

From the dot.com crash to the 2008 recession, John Moore has seen it all. But, for him, those aren't the most difficult challenges yet. Because of the constant change in society and technology running a business is difficult, especially from 1993 to the present. His greatest challenge has always been a lack of resources. It is critical to keep up with modern changes in order to remain credible and useful to customers, and so finding compatible resources that can help him with his business is how John Moore survived the challenge.

Delegating = Scaling

Entrepreneurs are talented and intelligent, but no one can be an expert in everything, as John Moore admits. Even with his sales success, John Moore needed assistance from people with the expertise he required for his business and his clients. This is when he began delegating, in order to provide value to his clients and grow his business.

His life as an owner became much easier as a result of delegation because he had more time to think about the managerial aspects of his business and make sure of his client’s happiness.

About John Moore

John Moore, the business owner who has more than 30 years in his entrepreneurial career. He is the Owner of 305 spin, a company that builds brands through integrated digital marketing, and website and application development.

Connect with John and 305 Spin here:

Website: https://www.305spin.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/305-spin-inc/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/305spin/

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