Ep 112 - Tips and Tricks for Managing Your Energy as a Business Owner With Desiree Musselman


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“Leaders do have difficulties with setting boundaries with managing their time, managing their physical energy and their mental energy. Learning how to delegate, how to do these little pieces that actually make it that fulfillment in life.”

In episode 112 of The Master Delegator Podcast, I sat down with Desiree Musselman who’s been helping new and mid-level leaders learn to find joy in work and life by setting boundaries, building mental fitness and navigating challenging expectations. Listen until the end of the episode as Desiree shares tips and tricks for Managing Your Energy as a Business Owner.

How To Properly Manage Your Energy

Desiree made a point of discussing business owners' to-do lists wherein she provided a simple tip of prioritizing your sleep over your to-do list in your business. According to her, allowing yourself to have more time to sleep, helps you as a business owner feel your best, which will make you confident, motivated, excited, and passionate for each day of work.

She also mentioned that business owners should not believe they can do everything in their company. Allowing someone to work alongside you and have them handle the other aspects of your business is another simple way to avoid being a workaholic and it benefits in a way that it will save you more time to take care of yourself.

Saving Mental Energy Through Delegation.
Desiree compared having a heavy workload to walking in mud — very slow and tiring.

Delegating some of your workload to someone else, according to her, helps entrepreneurs get out of stressed and overwhelmed situations. Delegating takes weight off the shoulders of every business owner, allowing them to feel joy, freedom, peace, excitement, and inspired to keep moving forward every day.

About Desiree Musselman

Desiree Musselman is a professional trainer and certified coach. She's been helping people become the leaders they are meant to be. Desiree is the CEO and Founder of Desired Effects Coaching Company.

Connect with Desiree and her company here:






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