Ep 114 - 3 Critical Skills in Business Leadership with Tiffany Prince


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Checking your team consistently is one of the important acts a leader must do and that is just one of the many characteristics that a business owner must have to be effective.

In today's episode learn more about it from Tiffany Prince of Prince Performance LLC, as well as how hiring a virtual assistant helped her business.

3 Must-Have Skills To Be An Effective Leader.

  1. Adaptability- refers to a leader's ability to change in response to changes in his environment. Tiffany associates adaptability with Growth Mindset. Unlike Fixed Mindset, where a person's mindset is determined by their inherent nature, Growth Mindset is concerned with improving qualities through continuous development.
  2. Connection - In this regard, it is more of a question of how you will do it as a leader. It is important to have a culture in your company. Create that and tie it to team core values, operating principles, and from it you can collaborate with one another to have a solid foundation as a team. Trust and Respect is the key to how you can connect to your team as a leader and reach them easily.
  3. Empathy - In relation to Connection, Empathy is when you understand where your thoughts are coming from, the strengths of your team, and where they are going. From a practical standpoint, this is critical for creating diverse and inclusive environments and ensuring that people feel like they belong or as a family.

How Virtual Assistant Made Life Better

Business owners wear many hats in their businesses, but they cannot do everything on their own. When there is an opportunity to outsource with virtual assistants, take advantage of it because it benefits business owners and leaders in the sense that they don't have to worry about their business procedures because there is someone in their company who can do it for them and much better than them.
About Tiffany Prince

Tiffany Prince, an internationally renowned speaker, consultant, coach and owner of Prince Performance LLC. She published a book "Top of the Mountain Leadership: The Future of Performance and Productivity in a Technology Changing World," where she shares insights into navigating leadership styles for greater business impact and how to overcome leadership challenges.

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