Ep 115 - Learning How Rest Can Help Your Business Grow With Julia Toothacre


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“It's important to not shame ourselves and to not feel guilty about resting, because that is very important. Self-care is important and it's good for your mental health.”

In today's episode of The Master Delegator Podcast, I'm joined by Julia Toothacre of Ride the Tide Collective to discuss her life as a business coach and, more importantly, how resting can help business owners find their way to success.
Learning How To Rest

Many business owners and employees are so caught up in the grind of work that they forget to relax, sleep, and rest. Everyone has the right to rest, and in order to do so, we must not make ourselves look bad when we read a book or watch a movie. Give yourself permission to do whatever you want in your life to balance your time with friends and family.

Understanding What You Want To Do

Julia began working 40 hours per week at first until she got overwhelmed and began to question herself about what she truly wanted to do. As a result, she decided to live her life rather than work full time. Thinking that you have to be busy to earn more causes a lot of stress in her mind and body, but she eventually decided to slow down, pull back, and rest, which allowed her to think clearly about business strategies and focus more on her work on a daily basis.

About Julia Toothacre
Julia Toothacre is an experienced career strategist and coach, and the founder of Ride The Tide Collective, which empowers ambitious corporate professionals who value the stability of the 9-5 to strategize and act to advance their careers.

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