Ep 116 - Know the Things That You Are Doing Before Delegating With Ariston Cortes


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"Before you delegate, you need to have a system in place for procedures that can work time and time again. That is what a system is."

In today's episode of The Master Delegator Podcast, our guest is 21-year-old Ariston Cortes, CEO of DonMedia. Ariston and I sat down to talk about how he made millions at that age and why business owners should know the things they are doing before delegating.

Scale Through System

Being a CEO means you need to find out processes. You need to turn those processes into systems that are tried and tested. From that point forward, you have to know that you cannot do everything in your business, so you delegate. To delegate, it's important that you know how your business operates because when you delegate, you show people what to do, to have them do it the same way you do it. As the CEO, you must train them to do the right thing and lead them.

About Ariston Cortes

Ariston Cortes, the founder, and CEO of DonMedia and Social Monkey Co, is a 21-year-old Filipino based in Canada who closed over $4.2 million in revenue and raised HALF A BILLION in private funding last year alone.
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