Ep 121 - How To Run A Business When You Are Out Sick


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Steps That Will Help You Operate Your Business In The Most Efficient Way Possible
Understanding that you won’t get everything done when you’re sick. The sooner we accept that we can't get everything done as smoothly as we'd like when we're sick, the better for our mental health. Stressing out about all of your tasks will only delay your recovery. Because, believe it or not, high levels of stress can weaken your immune system. To be more effective, we must first restore our functional body.

2. Revise your To-Do List. It is important to keep your tasks and priorities organized because, believe me, cluttered tasks add to stress. You should go through your to-do list and event calendars and reorganize them based on their level of urgency and importance. You prioritize those tasks that can have a significant impact on the business if left unattended first, and set a new deadline for those that can be put off temporarily in the meantime.
3. Letting key people know that you are sick. Your team should be the first to know about your state because they are the ones who can help you meet your deliverables and even develop a strategy to efficiently align your tasks. Then, it is important that your client is aware that you are sick, as this helps in setting expectations, particularly regarding deadlines. It is also a way for you and your client to establish trust that they know you are not abandoning your responsibilities to them despite being sick.

4. Delegate those tasks that can be delegated or ask for help. Delegating tasks to a reliable team should not be a problem if you have one. Taking some tasks off your plate should help to reduce both mental and physical exhaustion, regardless of whether you're perfectly fine or feeling under the weather.

5. Renegotiate your deadlines and reschedule your meetings. In connection to step 3, Inform your client as soon as possible that you are sick and be transparent with the current status of your tasks, then renegotiate for another deadline if it can be helped. Still, being accountable for your responsibilities while being sick is a true determinant of professionalism.

Tips For Staying Healthy

1. Taking Vitamins. It will not only strengthen your immune system, but it will also help you function well. As a result, you'll be more efficient and productive. I strongly advise that you take the essential vitamins such as vitamin C, B, D, K, iron, and zinc. You could also eat more fruits and vegetables, which contain these vitamins.

2. Take Time To Exercise. Allowing yourself some time to stretch and exercise can help you feel better about yourself. Exercising not only keeps your body in shape but also aids in the release of hormones that promote a positive attitude and mood.

3. Manage Your Stress Levels. Although we can't avoid stress — especially in our line of work, where we deal with deadlines, strategize, and even organize events — we shouldn't let it take a toll on us. To reset your mind, I recommend doing some meditation or even yoga in your spare time. Taking time off to go for a walk or pursue other interests can also help relieve stress.

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