Ep 122 - Posting With A Purpose with Heather Holloway


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Today's guest of The Master Delegator Podcast is a successful Social Media Marketer who helped entrepreneurs increase their impact and income using expertly crafted social media marketing campaigns. Tune in as we talk more about Posting With A Purpose and making your social media work for you.
Posting With A Purpose

Heather believes that "community is the key to marketing".

Putting out content that people can relate to will make your content work like a magnet. Make sure that your content says two things. One is your purpose, which means why you're doing what you're doing, and the other is the purpose of the post, which means sending a message to your audience.

Why Do We Need to Work With People

Heather was doing everything she could to keep her company running "all day every day" during the pandemic. She then asked a former colleague of hers to work with her. Working with people helped her relieve a lot of pressure in her business, and she felt the changes in her business from then on. Now, she has successfully hired a Facebook expert and a sales director, proving that having people in your business helps you grow more successfully.

About Heather Holloway

Heather Holloway began her career as a radio and television broadcaster before becoming an entrepreneur. She is now a successful social media marketer who helps and supports entrepreneurs by providing high-end creative.

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