Ep 124 - Marketing Approaches for The Different Stages of A Business Lifecycle With Branden Cobb


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In today's episode of the Master Delegator podcast, I am joined by Branden Cobb to talk about the different stages of a business lifecycle, the best and worst ways to delegate, and his success in the marketing and real estate industry.

S.T.A.R.S. (Stages of A Business Life Cycle)
S (Startup) -
This talks about the development of the brand’s Why did the business owner do what they did. How did they do what they did, and What do they truly offer. his also includes the creation of foundational elements such as brand standards (Branding logo, palette, theme, rules) and system standards (team, plan, product, place, promotion, price, market).

T (Turn around) -
This stage of the cycle discusses the business's projections, such as the Leads Development Department. This stage is all about determining what works and what doesn't in the business and taking action that is more beneficial to the company.

A (Accelerated Growth) - T
his section involves the development of scalable systems and processes. It is about taking and spending business profits or reinvesting them in areas where the business will continue to grow exponentially.

R (Realignment) - This section specifically discusses managing people and their egos in the face of business changes. In addition, managing changes in processes and culture within the business.

S (Sustaining success) -
This stage is all about "not rocking the boat," or keeping the success steady and consistent. Maintaining the changes and all stages.

About Branden Cobb

Branden Cobb is an accomplished Marketing Executive with a diverse marketing background that has assisted him in understanding and developing holistic marketing strategies for business owners in the consumer, entertainment, finance, and real estate industries.

Connect With Branden Here:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brandencobb1/

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