Ep 127 - Different Ways to Repurpose your Podcast Content with Anna Schild


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Different Ways to Repurpose Your Podcast Content

1. Using each social media platform's current algorithm

  • Changes happen in technology and business, and the same is true for social media platforms' algorithms. For example, Instagram is slowly becoming a video platform where using as many reels as possible is the best way to keep up with the trend and algorithm that will bring you enough traffic to gain more popularity and audience.

2. Put captions on everything

  • In relation to Instagram's transition from a Photo/Image/Graphic content Platform to a Video content Platform, not everyone will watch all of your video content, some may find it boring or a waste of time, so adding a caption gives them an option and stretches out your content for them to put their time into it.

3. Resizing and repositioning video contents

  • Again, 60 seconds video might find boring to watch and so, you can still use that video to clip it and use it as your Facebook or Instagram story.

4. Making use of Carousel post

  • In a podcast interview, similar to number 3, there are a set of questions in the video that you can clip, but instead of using it as a video, you can turn it into graphics as topics of the full interview in a carousel post type of content.

5. Creating audiogram

  • You can make an audiogram out of the topics you have in each interview, just like you did in number 4. An audiogram is similar to a video, but instead of seeing the hosts' and guests' faces, you can only hear their voices and see a waveform of what you can hear.

6. Using a good call to action

  • Calls to action are a component of captioning, but they are the most important because you must ensure that your audience or anyone who sees your content will watch your full podcast interview on podcast platforms or your website to increase your follower count.

7. Emailing each content to your email list

  • Sending an email with your social media content and a link to your podcast show is another way to get people to watch or listen to your podcast. Email is the most effective and convenient way to promote your podcast because it serves as a notification to people who are constantly on their phones and computers.

About Anna Schild

Anna Schild started out managing the social media for a podcast; she soon realized that everything she does is content repurposing, and she eventually began working as a Virtual Assistant. She now uses her expertise to help entrepreneurs get out from under the dark cloud of never-ending captions, emails, blogs, and videos by repurposing their content for them.

Connect With Anna Here:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/annaschildva/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anna-schild-2a353a144/#experience

Website: https://annaschildva.com/
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