Ep. 802 - Yes, The Media Ignores Black Murder Victims. Here’s The Real Reason Why.


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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, some in the news media are claiming that the Gabby Petito case is only getting all of this attention because she’s a white woman. They say that black men and women who are killed or go missing are often ignored. They’re actually right. But not for the reason they think. We’ll discuss the real reason behind this disparity today. Also, Kamala Harris condemns border patrol agents for using whips on Haitian immigrants, even though border patrol agents did not use whips on Haitian immigrants. And BTS performs for the UN general assembly, providing yet another reason to abolish the UN. 500 female sports stars come out in support of abortion rights. I didn’t even know there were 500 female sports stars. And in our Daily Cancellation, we’ll deal with the increasing trend of teachers coming out to their students.

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