100: Empowering Gen Z to See the World and Bringing “Black Lives Matter” Into Your Travels with Gabby Beckford


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Gen Z travel and lifestyle entrepreneur Gabby Beckford shares how a solo-trip to Iceland at 17-years old inspired her ongoing travel adventures ever since. She takes us through her study abroad experience in Dubai, her trips to Sri Lanka, Turkey, Kenya and how it all led to her to leaving her 9-5 job and founding “Packs Light” and “Young Travelers Network” as resources for Gen Z travelers. She shares her entrepreneurial transition, how she built up a side-hustle while working at her full time job, and then made the leap. Gabby then talks about solo-female travel and offers her #1 tip for women travelers. She then discusses minimalist packing, specifically for women, and shares tips on how to travel the world with carry-on luggage only while still looking stylish. Gabby also talks about being a founding member of the Black Travel Alliance, and discusses the importance of amplifying Black travel narratives. She also talks about how to bring “Black Lives Matter” into your travels by seeking out Black history and culture on your travels, patronizing Black-owned businesses, and she gives tips on how white people can be better allies to Black travelers around the world. She then talks about her company, how she selected the name “Packs Light”, and the value that her website content, young travel community, and funded travel opportunities offer to Gen Z travelers in particular. She also talks about her marketing services and how she works with brands and businesses. Finally, Gabby talks about her COVID-19 pivots and adjustments she has made for her business to thrive during the pandemic. FULL SHOW NOTES AVAILABLE AT: www.TheMaverickShow.com

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